Our favourite range has gone to the dark side

Posted by Meg Domett on

You may have been noticing that wood is darkening up - while pale oak will always be hugely popular - walnut tones are now popping up everywhere (especially in kitchens).  Now the fantastic group of designers that make up UMBRA have come to the dark side and the results speak for themselves.

UMBRA fliphooks in walnut/black

The darker tones of walnut make a striking statement when paired with a white backdrop.

UMBRA hub expandable ladder

Don't go thinking you can't have some walnut accents because you have a different tone of wood in your house already - these UMBRA pieces can stand alone and don't need to match the furniture!

UMBRA Flapper coatstand in walnut/black

Oh and did I mention that a walnut/black combination is going to make your jewellery look just that little bit sparklier?

UMBRA Stow-it jewellery box in walnut/black

Want to see more?

Check out our entire UMBRA collection here

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