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Aniline leather - Perfectly Imperfect

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The highest quality leather, aniline is the most natural, soft and gracefully supple of all leather types.

This leather becomes more beautiful with age, with the natural patina developing a deep character over time. Like a good piece of marble or a beautiful piece of timber, an aniline leather will change, mark and stain, softening into its rich patina with age. “

With no protective layer or coating on the surface, aniline leathers boast superior seating comfort as they are able to breathe and absorb moisture.  Aniline leather naturally allows the heat from the body to be absorbed into the leather because there is no pigment or polyurethane barrier (as used on lesser quality leathers). This is the sign of a top quality aniline – it feels natural – you can feel it.

This type of leather can work well in selected commercial projects as long as it is embraced and cared for as any other artisanal material.

Aniline leathers feature:

  • Most natural, most beautiful leather with an ultra soft handle
  • Most comfortable seating comfort due to breathability
  • Develops a patina and improves with age
  • More sensitive to sunlight and requires more maintenance

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