Berry & Ocean - NEW from Mustard Made


Welcome to the family BERRY OCEAN

Mustard Made has launched a new range of colours and as with all of their collection, they are winners! We love having this range in our store, it is so well-made and well designed, the variety of colours and styles means there is a piece for every family and every home.

We have extremely limited numbers but have several shipments on their way.  If there is a piece that you are wanting that is currently out of stock, please get in touch and we will be able to help.

Available now to be viewed in our Newtown showroom and online with delivery available nationwide. 



Things to know about Mustard Made
– All pieces are powder coated individually and carefully by hand.
– The whole of the locker is magnetic - so lots of opportunities exist to get creative     with decorating your lockers!
– The range is produced in China and each locker starts as a single sheet of metal. 
– Designed by two sisters, Jess and Bec, who work on the business while one lives     in Australia and the other lives in the UK.


Our classics favs above are here too, view our full stock range online.

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Mid Century for this century - exclusive to us x

Mid-Century for this century

- clean, uncluttered design principles, brought into the modern home. 

Our stunning new Felix & Aston chairs are slick characters. As a Stacks Furniture exclusive design, they were carefully developed with 20th century art and architecture in mind. The chairs are upholstered in high-quality cotton, polyesters or Italian leather. Solid, dark stained oak completes this stunning example of mid-century style. 

Available now to be viewed in our Newtown showroom and online with delivery available nationwide. 



Meet Aston
Herringbonegold and tan leather Aston's embody elegance. Aston features a soft sweeping timber frame and generously proportioned body. 

& introducing  Felix
Felix has sophisticated and sleek silhouette on top of a steel swivel base. The perfect touch of sophistication for your living room, study or bedroom. Felix is available in goldherringbone & tan leather.

For the leather lovers
Our tan leather is soft and broken-in + we proud to say that we finish our leather with oils and waxes, not paints and polymers!


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Quality to last a lifetime

Every Stacks sofa, whether it's made here in Aotearoa or carefully crafted overseas, comes with a lifetime frame warranty and a 10 year foam warranty.

Quality products are the natural starting point in working towards a sustainable future for our industry. When you support businesses committed to sustainability, like ours, you are investing in pieces that have been thoughtfully designed and manufactured.


We know exactly where our products are made, by who and with what. This means our built-to-last products can be refurbished, rebuilt, reused and resold. We suspect a lot of our sofas get reloved in flats all over New Zealand too!

We see competitors' products being thrown away almost weekly because they have little consideration for using best practice and quality materials. Over the coming weeks we'll share some tips and tricks with you on what to look for when you're on the hunt for staple pieces for your home.

Our New Zealand made sofas are manufactured to order in Christchurch with no compromise on comfort or style. Choose from our extensive collection of models, fabrics and leather and design your own Stacks sofa from $2065.

To find out more about our Quality for Life Guarantee get in touch with the team here or visit us in our Wellington store.

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Our favourite range has gone to the dark side

You may have been noticing that wood is darkening up - while pale oak will always be hugely popular - walnut tones are now popping up everywhere (especially in kitchens).  Now the fantastic group of designers that make up UMBRA have come to the dark side and the results speak for themselves.

UMBRA fliphooks in walnut/black

The darker tones of walnut make a striking statement when paired with a white backdrop.

UMBRA hub expandable ladder

Don't go thinking you can't have some walnut accents because you have a different tone of wood in your house already - these UMBRA pieces can stand alone and don't need to match the furniture!

UMBRA Flapper coatstand in walnut/black

Oh and did I mention that a walnut/black combination is going to make your jewellery look just that little bit sparklier?

UMBRA Stow-it jewellery box in walnut/black

Want to see more?

Check out our entire UMBRA collection here

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