CHANEL is much admired and an absolute beauty.  

CHANEL can be manufactured by our team in Christchurch in your choice of New Zealand top-grade leather, lots of colours and finishes are available.  CHANEL is completely customisable.  You can choose all the little things that really matter and really make your sofa perfect.  These include cushion configuration, size and legs.

You might feel like adding buttons, piping or feather inners to your CHANEL, or you may decide that keeping CHANEL completely plain and using cushions and rugs for interest is the way to go.  However you want your CHANEL to look, we are here to help and will stay with you during every step of the process.


For a full specification sheet for CHANEL click here.


For all of the information of the New Zealand leather we use, click here.


For our 'extras' menu, including all leg options, click here.

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