Custom Shades

All of our gorgeous light shades are made locally by Joug designs in Lyall Bay. Along with the range of shades we have in the showroom, we can also make shades in your preferred size and covering. We have hundereds of fabrics and wallpapers to choose from and you can even provide your own. For examples of previous designs, click here.

Below is a sizing guide but please keep in mind that we can do any size you like. 


Diameter            Height                       Price      Fabric required       Diffuser


 8" (203mm)        230mm                     $90                1m                           $40 

10" (250mm)       230mm                      $100            1m                           $40

12" (304mm)       240mm                      $120            1m                           $40

14" (356mm)       250mm                      $130            1m                           $50

16" (400mm)       260mm                      $140            1m                           $50

18" (457mm)       270mm                      $165            1.5m                        $65

20" (508mm)       280mm                      $200            1.7m                        $75

22" (558mm)       290mm                      $250            1.8m                        $95

  24" (600mm)       300mm                      $300             2m                          $115


Please feel free to Contact Us for a quote, help with measurements or any other queries you may have.   

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