MOGAMBO is our answer to stylish mid-century styling that can STILL be customised.  Reminiscent of the classic retro armchair this is the modern update and has all the comfort to back that styling up.

Crafted at our factory in Christchurch MOGAMBO comes in three different sizes and you can choose both the fabric it is made in and the colour of the distinctive Kwila arms.  You might decide that you want your MOGAMBO to be dark, luxe and moody or fresh, bright and more 'scandi' in feel.

MOGAMBO has a high, firm back which has proven a big hit, comfort-wise, to our discerning clientele, particularly for those who like to have support across the back of the shoulders and neck.  The hardwood and Kwila construction means this chair is made to last.  It also requires very minimal fabric,  2.2m (for chair) 4.4m (for two seater) and 6.6m (for 3 seater) so a perfect opportunity to splash out, be brave and choose something fabulous to make your MOGAMBO, one you will treasure forever.

For a full specification sheet for MOGAMBO - click here.



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