SANTA BARBARA is the softy of the bunch. With plush cushions and a deeper seat it is your perfect lounging sofa.

Crafted at our factory in Christchurch SANTA BARBARA is completely customisable.  This means you can choose all the little things that make your SANTA BARBARA unique to you.  You can decide what fabric, colour and composition suits you best.  You might decide that some jazzy contrast piping or buttons on the cushions might be cool, or you might decide that keeping SANTA BARBARA plain accessorising with cushions and accessories is the way to go. 

SANTA BARBARA is available in any size in any fabric, it is also comes as a corner unit, with a chaise and any SANTA BARBARA can also be made in top-grade New Zealand leather. 

SANTA BARBARA is part of our g.h.o.s.t. collection.  This is a crafty wee collection that we have put together to make things simpler for you.  Five of our most popular sofas featuring 1000 of our most popular fabrics - a brand spanking new 2 seat sofa is only $1795.

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