CLICK Sunrocker - Multi 1


The CLICK Sunrocker- Multi 1 is a design experiment that succeeded and a triumph in comfort!

Pre-order available, delivery expected mid Dec 21.

Use yourself, your body, as a counterpoint and your weight shift determines whether you are in a sitting or a reclining position. Just lean forward or lean back to adjust your position. When you lie back, your head lowers and your feet raise. Sit or recline. It's bliss, or more bliss. It's that simple. 

The components of the lamella slats are carefully composed to give them exactly the right strength and resilience and are mixed with a UV additive to offer UV protection right through the extrusion. They have excellent flex and strength.

The lamellas are completely waterproof and are designed to be replaceable if you wish to mix and change colours of your CLICK furniture.

Materials: Powdercoated steel for outdoor use with polypropylene lamellas and sustainably-sourced bamboo armrests.
Dimensions: H: 320/900 x W: 640 x D/L: 1800 mm

Designed by: Henrik Pedersen

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