Kearose Standard Candle - French Pear & Vanilla

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A unique take on the classic French Pear scent. The addition of vanilla brings a sweet and creamy scent throw to the rich, juicy and meltingly smooth base note of the French Pear. A pretty amazing pear fragrance!

  • Size: Standard
  • Burn time: 45 hours of pure aromatic indulgence
  • Fragrance notes: Top: French Pear, Heart: Cinnamon, spices, Bottom:  Sweet vanilla, Vanilla bean.
  • Candle Care and Instructions for use:  Trim the wick to 5mm before you light it each time. Let your candle burn for 3hrs the first time you light it. This will create a sufficient melt pool and allow the candle to burn down evenly each time you burn it.

Kearose pure soy candles are made from the finest soy wax, and enriched with divine fragrance. These luxurious candles are triple scented and hand poured in NZ. Kearose candles are clean burning while filling a room with a beautiful aroma.

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