LA PAZ - Bosque de paz light shade


Fabulous, tropical 16" ceiling light shade.
The La Paz collection is avaliable in various prints and sizes.

Our beautiful, custom shades are handmade in Wellington. Circular or conical, small or large, table or standing. We have a selection instore, covered and ready to go. We're also happy to help you work out the best fabrics to suit your decor.

Custom made frames can take 5 weeks for delivery.
Please let Us know: Size, Pendant or table/standing lamp, NZ washer (bayonet/ D27mm) or Euro (edison/ D41mm) 

6"   - D150 x H210 mm
8"   - D200 x H230 mm
10" - D250 x H230 mm
12" - D300 x H240 mm
14" - D350 x H250 mm
16" - D400 x H260 mm
18" - D450 x H270 mm
20" - D500 x H280 mm
22" - D550 x H290 mm
24" - D600 x H300 mm

Please note the fabrics pictures have limited availablity, but we have a huge range of fabrics available in store.