Porcini Vase - Black/Clear Glass
Porcini Vase - Black/Clear Glass

Porcini Vase - Black/Clear Glass


The Porcini Vase - Black/Clear Glass can be used as classic vases or to present flowers, leaves and grasses in a new way. Let leaves or grass twirl around inside the glass, or prune the bouquet so that some of it is seen through the glass and something protrudes over the edge.

The combination of the natural materials used for the vases goes against what is put into them. At the same time, the wooden bottom also hides the water in the vases, which can otherwise be unpleasant to look at.

The shape of the vases is like the Boletus jars inspired by edible mushrooms; Porcini and Morchella.

Made in Copenhagen and in a sustainable wood production process, handblown glass.

Measures: 240W x 220H mm

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