Puawai Shade

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A stunning globe of twenty interlocking modular elements forming a soft flow of white petals of an ethereal gem – it’s as illuminating as it is shapely. The Puawai light shade is an example of using a mathematical shape and designing a functional form that has aesthetical appeal. We knew that a globe can be constructed entirely from equilateral triangles, which is how we got to work on this light shade. So it’s a product that’s both intelligent and beautiful.

Each element is symmetrical in shape and has connection means that allow the pieces to overlap forming a rosette that resembles a blooming Frangipani flower when illuminated.

The Puawai comes preassembled.

Colours other than White will incur a set up charge of $50.

Standard Dimensions

Large - 420m Diameter

Small - 320mm Diameter

Custom sizes are also available. Please Contact Us for a quote.


We can ship this product to anywhere in New Zealand. For more information, visit our Shipping Page.

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