Terrazzo Round Dining Table Black - 1200mm


The Terrazzo Round Dining Table Black - 1200mm features a quartz surface and central pillar support leg made of solid oak slats and MDF internally for support, making it possible to fit more chairs around it when needed. 

There are certain inherently sustainable qualities about terrazzo such as strong durability, low maintenance requirements, and zero VOC materials. Terrazzo is generally non-porous and does not support microbial growth or the accumulation of moisture, making it highly sanitary.

Please note: This item is currently out of stock and available for preorder, ETA August 2024. 

Measures: 1200 mm rd x 750 mm H 375mm  room for a chair to fit from the pillar to edge of table. 

Materials: Solid oak slats, MDF, Quartz Terrazzo 

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