The Pink Peach Tree by IXXI

The Pink Peach Tree by IXXI



Ixxi is a fresh and innovative take on statement wall art. All Ixxi pieces are made up of individual square cards which you join together with connectors to create the whole image. The end result is a beautiful art piece that weighs next to nothing and doesn't require damaging your walls.

Ixxi cards are made of a high-quality synthetic material called synaps which is tearproof, waterproof and UV resistant.

© Van Gogh Museum

Like many of the paintings by Van Gogh, this too, has been created in the French city of Arles. The countryside, and especially its colours, inspired the artist to wield his brush. 

Choose your favourite and create your own IXXI. Hang it quick and easy, without needing to drill!

Card size
20 x 20 cm