ZAY Juno Bag / Medium

ZAY Juno Bag / Medium



The Zay Juno Bag - Medium may be small in size, but she's mighty in strength. She'll stand strongly on her own, the perfect size for carrying everything you need to work, or to pop down to the shops.

As these bags are handmade, there may be slight variations to the colours and sizes shown.

Measures approx: 360 W x 190 D x 280 H mm

On purchase please contact us for colour options!

The Story, ZAY: Your bag was born in the hands of talented weavers, in the hot and colourful city of Mandalay, Myanmar. She sits, weaving tape around a frame. To the side, small children play as she works. From the traditional back streets to remote farming villages that don’t appear on maps, we found them. Her skill was passed down to her, from her mother. Her mother from her grandmother. Generations of knowledge in her hands. Wrapping, pulling, guiding.The tape used is accessible and familiar to the weavers, and made from upcycled plastic or rattan whenever possible. The income from Zay is a sustainable income, a fair wage. Money for her family, her skill, her knowledge.