Our favourite range has gone to the dark side

Posted on May 15, 2016 by Stacks Furniture

You may have been noticing that wood is darkening up - while pale oak will always be hugely popular - walnut tones are now popping up everywhere (especially in kitchens).  Now the fantastic group of designers that make up UMBRA have come to the dark side and the results speak for themselves.

UMBRA fliphooks in walnut/black

The darker tones of walnut make a striking statement when paired with a white backdrop.

UMBRA hub expandable ladder

Don't go thinking you can't have some walnut accents because you have a different tone of wood in your house already - these UMBRA pieces can stand alone and don't need to match the furniture!


UMBRA Flapper coatstand in walnut/black

Oh and did I mention that a walnut/black combination is going to make your jewellery look just that little bit sparklier?

UMBRA Stow-it jewellery box in walnut/black

Want to see more?

Check out our entire UMBRA collection here


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Christmas opening hours

Posted on December 08, 2015 by Stacks Furniture

24 December  9.30am - 3pm
25 December CLOSED
26 December CLOSED
27 December CLOSED
28 December 10 - 5
29 December 10 - 5
30 December 10 - 5
31 December 10 - 3
1 January       CLOSED
2 January       CLOSED
3 January       CLOSED

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VITO modular

Posted on November 13, 2015 by Stacks Furniture

VITO has arrived and we are excited to have this beautifully made design join our little sofa family.  Full modular design so, a bit like a grown up lego set, you can fit together the pieces to create exactly what need.

Manufactured with love and considerable skill in our Christchurch factory, VITO is made of top-quality materials including;

  • A kiln-dried pine frame, with corner blocking and reinforced as necessary.
  • Premium Elephant foam, topped with 40mm slow release Luxura pressure-care foam 
  • Luxurious duck down scatter cushions.

You can choose what fabric best suits your taste and lifestyle.  The VITO in this photo is wearing Jake Silverstreak from Charles Parsons textiles, a lightly textured neutral fabric in white and grey that is not only rated to a commercial standard but is also fully washable.

All pieces in the VITO range are 640mm high & 960 deep.

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sofa spotlight - THE ROXY

Posted on February 16, 2015 by Stacks Furniture

What do you do when you LOVE mid-Century design, have a tricky (i.e. small and narrow!) space and want a quality, New Zealand made sofa?  This is exactly the situation we had at our place, a space which we needed to have a sofa in, but was made narrow by some weird 1930's door placement!  

We didn't want the space made narrower and more awkward by a bulky sofa but it was too good a space just for a bookshelf or other piece of occassional furniture.  

I drew up a shortlist of what I really wanted;

  • slimline & elegant,
  • mid-century styling,
  • size & fabric of my choice,
  • wooden legs and base unit,
  • fitting for my rock 'n' roll lifestyle (just kidding)

- and the ROXY was born.

ROXY's are skilfully made in our Christchurch factory and are fully customisable (of course).   At only 770mm deep they are perfect for a narrow area and although they are quite firm and 'upright' they are more than comfortable enough to really kick your shoes off, pour a G & T and just relax.


It is one of our faves so I thought I would pull a few photos of ROXY's we have made over the last year or two, that have made their way to wonderful homes.  As you can see we have had lots of fun with lots of different fabrics, buttons, piping and cushions.

We always have a ROXY in the showroom for you to come and admire (at the moment we have two) so if you have a tricky space to fill, or love this type of mid-century design then pop in and take one for a test drive.





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