Leather Care Guide


Leather is a skin; it has its own natural oils and by keeping up with regular cleaning and oiling it can be kept soft and supple for many years. Wrinkles, scars, creases and colour variations are an inevitable part of full grain, full aniline leather and represents its unique character and appeal.

General tips
  • Wipe off stains and spills immediately with a soft damp cloth.
  • Avoid placing your leather into direct sunlight. Consider getting your windows tinted to prevent sun damage or fading.
  • Rotate the use of your furniture and cushions to avoid unbalanced wear and fading.
  • Dust and vacuum your furniture regularly.
  • To remove soiling, stains, and spillages, we recommend Colourlock’s Leather Care Packs as the best tool for care and protection of your leather furniture item. Formulated from pure synthetic cleaning and moisturising agents. With regular use it aids in the prevention and build-up of sweat and body oils in high contact areas of arms and headrests. Combined with the Fadeguard conditioner a lotion containing ultraviolet filters and moisturisers designed to condition the leather while protecting it from the damaging impact of the sun. With regular use the suppleness of leather is retained and fading of colour is significantly reduced.

          Our NZ Made Sofas are upholstered with Tasman Leathers of New Zealand, high quality waxed finishes and pigmented leathers. Using technology to map natural beauty, Tasman have innovated a reliable and robust mapping technology that grades each hide according to quality, with accessible and transparent data.

          Imported hand dyed full-aniline top grain leather: Aniline leather is a type of leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes. The dye colours the leather without producing the uniform surface of a topcoat paint or insoluble pigmented sealant. The resulting product maintains the hides natural surface and texture. Aniline leather will take on a patina that gets better and better with age.

          View Colourlock Leather care packs here.


          *For further information or help with a particular problem we recommend contacting the Wellington based, European Leather Care professionals.