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Posted on February 16, 2015 by Stacks Furniture

What do you do when you LOVE mid-Century design, have a tricky (i.e. small and narrow!) space and want a quality, New Zealand made sofa?  This is exactly the situation we had at our place, a space which we needed to have a sofa in, but was made narrow by some weird 1930's door placement!  

We didn't want the space made narrower and more awkward by a bulky sofa but it was too good a space just for a bookshelf or other piece of occassional furniture.  

I drew up a shortlist of what I really wanted;

  • slimline & elegant,
  • mid-century styling,
  • size & fabric of my choice,
  • wooden legs and base unit,
  • fitting for my rock 'n' roll lifestyle (just kidding)

- and the ROXY was born.

ROXY's are skilfully made in our Christchurch factory and are fully customisable (of course).   At only 770mm deep they are perfect for a narrow area and although they are quite firm and 'upright' they are more than comfortable enough to really kick your shoes off, pour a G & T and just relax.


It is one of our faves so I thought I would pull a few photos of ROXY's we have made over the last year or two, that have made their way to wonderful homes.  As you can see we have had lots of fun with lots of different fabrics, buttons, piping and cushions.

We always have a ROXY in the showroom for you to come and admire (at the moment we have two) so if you have a tricky space to fill, or love this type of mid-century design then pop in and take one for a test drive.





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