Moebe Ceramic Pendant Wide - White


The Moebe Ceramic Pendant Wide White, is a simple pendant lamp allowing you to illuminate directly on an area or to an angle. Circular at the base, and rectangular at the top. The ceramic pendant sits freely from the cord which allows the shade to angle left, right and rotate completely around. The pendant can be used as a single piece by the side of a bed, sofa or used in combination over a dining table.

Made in Europe. Designed to last, the pendant has been left unglazed, raw and been burnt at over 1100°C, creating a final surface that is matt and fine-textured. The shade is handmade and therefore, every lamp slightly varies in shape, size, and colour, making each pendant unique.

Measures: 230.5H x 230D mm 

Available in Olive, Light Grey + Terracotta

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