Moebe Shelving System - Clothes Bar Black


Use this Moebe Shelving System 'Clothes Bar Black' add-on with the 'single shelf' & 'leg sets' to build up your very own shelving system. - Click here to do your own configuration!

The clothes bar measures: 916W x 94H mm. Please note this is one clothes bar only

Material: Powder-coated steel

Color: Matte black (also available in white)

Exclusive to Stacks Furniture in New Zealand.

The Moebe shelving system gives you the freedom to build as tall as you like, as long as you like and build around corners too! The constructional ease that characterizes the system even lets you decide whether the system should serve as a room divider or be placed up against a wall.

Feel free to call, email or visit us for a comprehensive rundown on the Moebe shelving system or click through the below link to discover more. 

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